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"Only 5% of the artists in the modern art section are women, but 85%of the nudes are female"- Guerrilla Girls

I believe in empowering women, and ensuring that women are represented appropriately through art, not just with the 'male gaze'. I am all about body confidence and making sure you learn to love yourself <3



If you would like to book a boudoir session, please contact me through my instagram. The images above are a mixture of 35mm, digital and instant photography.





"this chick has made every bit of it fun and relaxing"

If you need a photographer this gal is amazing at what she does, versatile, adaptable and creative! Shooting lingerie outside may seem intimidating.. but this chick has made every bit of it fun and relaxing 🙌❤ kudos to you girl 🤙 - Meg

"I thought that maybe seeing myself I would think differently. And it felt good!"

"When I saw Libby’s work with another client I thought that maybe seeing myself I would think differently. And It happened. And it felt good!- During the whole shoot she made me feel comfortable and made me laugh and everything just went naturally. I showed the results to my husband and he said “can you see what I see, now?” <3 Highly recommended and thanks Libby to help this girl to boost her confidence! " - Veronica

'My lord I cannot begin to explain"

"My lord I cannot begin to explain how amazing and talented this woman is. She’s so easy to talk to and takes the most beautiful photos ❤️ can’t wait to work with her again" - Tilly

"Still riding on that high the photo shoot gave me weeks ago"

"Ive never modelled before so the boudoir shoot was a whole new ball game for me. I’ve never felt so comfortable, confident and sexy as when Libby brought out my inner goddess when taking photos!! 
As someone with a history of eating disorders and a fairly low self-esteem I never expected to feel so beautiful. 
Still riding on the high that photo shoot gave me weeks ago. 
Truly an artistic genius. 
I’ve recommended her to all of my close friends and family. 
She perfectly scouted locations with all of the ideas I had in mind for the vibes I wanted in the shoot. 
We also did a shoot of my face masks that I sell and truly every single little detail I had described that I wanted, this woman accommodated. THIS WOMAN IS A GENUIS." - Flo

"From someone who had struggled to love their body I loved the photos"

"I shot with Libby recently and I had a wonderful time. It’s not something I had ever done before, so was slightly apprehensive but Libby made me feel so confident and comfortable and I had a really great time. The photos that came out of it were incredible. For someone who had struggled to love their body (especially post baby) I loved the photos and felt so happy and empowered by them. I could not recommend this talented lady enough! "- Beth

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