Who is ipovphotographer?


Growing up I always wanted to be in the military, everything I did was to prepare for that.

One day, whilst working as a snowboard instructor I had an accident, and that was that.

I couldn't be accepted into the military for my injuries were permanent, that was game over.

Dream career down the drain, or so I thought.

I picked up a DSLR, borrowed from my younger brother and upgrading from my little handheld digital camera, and that was it- I fell in love. I've always been an illustrator, but photography is something that came to me naturally, and after lots of practice I eventually tried out for a photography degree and haven't looked back!

Hi, I'm Libby Ward and I am ipovphotographer. A dedicated commercial photographer and experimenter who works with instant, film and digital photography. I am willing to go above and beyond for the perfect photo and to ensure any client is more than satisfied.

As a creative experimenter I am keen to push the boundaries of what is known and current, always looking to be the first for new trends and leading within the industry.


I am heavily inspired by creating a culture of acceptability and advancing the industry into a more accepting place. My passions lie in experimenting with current and previous trends, combining analogue, instant and high-end digital photography, illustration, print and graphics to create astounding new imagery.