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Who is ipovphotographer?

Instant image of ipovphotographer

I run a fashion/editorial service creating a new type of image that represents the under and mis-represented, tapping into an audience not yet valued or seen.

Hi, I'm Libby and I'm the creative behind ipovphotographer. As a creative experimenter I am keen to push the boundaries of what is known and current, always looking to be the first for new trends and leading within the industry.


I am heavily inspired by creating a culture of acceptability and advancing the industry into a more accepting place. 

I want to confront toxic normalities that society implements on individuals, such as gender expectations and using a pretence of being ‘socially acceptable’ to moderate and control external forces and exaggerated roles that ultimately limit freedoms. I think it is important to speak out against the negative way people can be perceived by the uncaring and disingenuous masses- It is important we develop the fashion, advertising and editorial industries to represent the world we live in, and make them more accepting and reflecting on this. 

Working personally with documentary work, with small independent  brands or on client based work, I look to always enforce these values, creating work that is new, exciting, engaging, and accepting. 

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